About Tea & Gather

Making Tea Extraordinary, One Sip At A Time

Tea has a unique and beautiful power to connect you with yourself and others.
I aim to create blends with punchy flavours and strong meanings, making every cup a talking point and an opportunity to connect, share, and reflect. A familiar scent transports you to a memory, something new inspires you to create an amazing future, and the perfect blend gives you a reassuring hug.

Elevating Tea To A Luxurious Experience

Hey! I’m Manda, the founder and tea blender at Tea & Gather.
With a passion for creating herbal tea blends which are as unique, vibrant and special as you, I’ve been blending my own teas since 2019.
As a tea maker, I love creating fun and full-bodied blends. Blending different combinations, seeing, smelling and tasting how the different notes play together, and creating a story on the palate. Every custom tea I’ve made holds a special place in my heart, and I’m dedicated to making tea an accessible, delicious luxury for all.

My mission for Tea & Gather is to create a world where tea is valued for its all-encompassing power, depth and meaning.
I believe that tea has the ability to connect us with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.
I envision a where it way more than ‘loosely flavoured hot water’, a world full of full-bodied, punchy teas, waking up you and your mug.

Join me on this journey and let’s make our tea dreams a reality!