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  • tea leaf infuser

    Ball Infusers


    Premium Ball Infusers – Elevate Your Tea Game

    Experience The Ultimate Tea Infusion

    Elevate your tea game with our premium ball infuser! It is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a screw-close design and holes small enough to perfectly contain your tea as it infuses. This is the perfect way to savour the full range of flavours and aromas that only loose tea can provide, all while enjoying the convenience of single-cup brewing.

    Why settle for mediocre when you can indulge in the ultimate tea experience? Upgrade your tea ritual today and savour every sip.

    How to use: Simply unscrew the ball and add your tea to one half. Reconnect it and hang the chain from your cup’s rim or handle. Also suitable for small pots.

  • All leaf infusers - purple, green, yellow, red and blueAll leaf infusers - purple, green, yellow, red and blue

    Leaf Infusers


    Elevate your tea game with our luxurious leaf infusers, meticulously crafted for quality and convenience.

    Savour the perfect cup of tea with our luxurious leaf infusers. Meticulously crafted with a stainless steel base and a silicone top, our infusers are the epitome of quality and convenience. Say goodbye to the mediocre and messy – our infusers feature small holes to ensure your tea stays inside, while the matching coaster provides a seamless experience. With the option of vibrant red or sophisticated purple, our infusers add a touch of elegance to any tea ritual. Upgrade your tea experience taste the difference.

    How to use:Squeeze the base of the silicone section to separate and add your tea to the metal base. Stand it in your mug or small teapot. Once you’re finished brewing, stand the infuser on the provided coaster for mess-free tea.

  • Reusable teabags

    Reusable Cotton Teabags


    Ditch the plastic and embrace the flavour with a 3 pack of eco-friendly teabags

    Quality meets convenience with our reusable cotton teabags. Crafted for flavour lovers, our teabags are made with the finest cotton muslin for a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative. Unlike traditional teabags which limit the release of flavours, our spacious teabags allow your favourite loose leaf tea to fully expand and release its full aroma from the essential oils locked in each ingredient. Whether you’re on-the-go, at work or simply indulging at home, our pack of 3 teabags is the ultimate solution for a perfect cup every time. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to a better tea experience.

    How to use: We recommend putting 1-2 teaspoons of your favourite Tea & Gather blend inside your teabag. Close the drawstring and place it into your favourite mug or small teapot. Once you’ve finished brewing, empty the tea into the garden or compost and handwash the bag.

  • tea pot warmer

    Teapot Warmers


    Keep Your Tea Warm and Your Conversations Flowing With Our Teapot Warmers

    Tea is deeply connected to conversation and memories. Make yours last longer with our exquisite teapot warmers. Our premium quality glass warmers keep your tea perfectly warm and inviting for hours, ideal for indulging alone or hosting loved ones. As the included tealight candle flickers, the soft yellow glow illuminates the room and your connections. Let the warmth of the candle enhance the warmth of your love, for a tea session you’ll remember forever.

    How to use: Place the teapot warmer in your favourite spot and light the tealight candle. Add your pot of delicious tea on top and indulge for as long as your heart desires. Your warmer is suitable for almost any size teapot and will keep your tea hot for hours!

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