Dream Time ~ Sleepy Serenity


Your head hits the pillow, your day is done. Just unwind, relax and reset.

Sweet dreams are made of teas! The luxurious Dream Time sleepy tea envelops you in a cocoon of calm with each sip. A bouquet of organic rose, spearmint, chamomile and lavender unite to release their relaxing magic. With each sip of Dream Time, your stress evaporates, muscles unwind and your mind stills as tranquillity infuses your being. Drift into deep, effortless sleep on nature’s softest cloud, undisturbed by restless thoughts. Awake renewed and ready to conquer the day.

Enjoy your Dream Time hot or iced, an hour before bed.

Escape the tossing and turning and lose yourself in slumber tonight.

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What's Inside

This delicious blend includes all organic red rose petals, spearmint leaves, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers.

How To Brew

All Tea & Gather teas can be brewed hot or cold. Here’s how to make Dream Time:

Hot 1-2 tsp per cup 100°C water 5-7 minutes
Cold 7-8 tsp per 1L Tap water 10-12 hours in fridge


Make it your way: This tea is best enjoyed 1 hour before bed.

Pro tip: Want to make a cold brew but don’t have an infuser jug? Save the mess and put your tea into the muslin bag from your tea pack! Once you’re done, simply empty the leaves into your garden or compost, and handwash the bag.