Chaiii-Ya ~ Seven-Spiced Stunner


Morning rays burst in, kick-starting your day. You’re ready for anything.

Experience a chai you can actually taste! Fireworks of pepper, ginger and cardamom burst from every sip of Chaiii-Ya, delivering bold punches like you’ve never tasted before. The vibrancy of aniseed and ginger awakening your senses and elevating your mood.

Whether iced on a sultry summer day or steaming on a cool winter night, this caffeine-free chai refreshes and revives like no other. Customise your Chaiii-Ya: brew as a tea on water or create a milky latte, drizzle in honey for a sticky chai, or intensify the flavours with a pinch of salt.

Your new tea obsession awaits – discover exotic bliss with every sip. Once tasted, forever craved.

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This delicious blend includes all organic rooibos leaves, cardamom pods, ginger root, star anise pods, black peppercorns, cinnamon chips, clove buds.

Brewing Instructions

All Tea & Gather teas can be brewed hot or cold. Here’s how to make Chaiii-Ya:

Hot 1-2 tsp per cup 100°C water or hot milk 5-7 minutes
Cold 7-8 tsp per 1L Tap water or cold milk 20-24 hours in fridge


Make it your way: Brew on milk or water, add in honey, or add a pinch of salt to intensify the flavours of your hot tea. Hot brews are best crafted on the stove for a slower and more impressive experience.

Pro tip: Want to make a cold brew but don’t have an infuser jug? Save the mess and put your tea into the muslin bag from your tea pack! Once you’re done, simply empty the leaves into your garden or compost and handwash the bag.