Rosie ~ Fun, Floral & Fruity


Giggles dance and teacups clink as you and your friends share a sun-kissed picnic.

Experience ultimate indulgence with Rosie, our most versatile blend yet. Lose yourself in a Turkish delight-inspired hot treat or refresh your spirits with a cold brew throughout summer. As night falls, snuggle up with a pot and let this mouth-watering bouquet of organic roses and strawberries transport you to a world of luxury. For an even more decadent experience, pair Rosie with high tea for an unforgettable sensory journey. Savour the delicate interplay of floral, sweet, and tart notes that will tantalise your taste buds and revitalise your senses.

Give yourself the gift of genuine indulgence today – perfect for daily pampering or spoiling loved ones.

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This delicious blend includes all organic red rose petals, strawberry powder (strawberry juice, maltodextrin powder, gluten free corn powder), rosehip shells, hibiscus flowers.

Brewing Instructions

All Tea & Gather teas can be brewed hot or cold. Here’s how to make Rosie:

Hot 1-2 tsp per cup 100°C water 5-7 minutes
Cold 7-8 tsp per 1L Tap water 10-12 hours in fridge


Make it your way: Transform Rosie into a latte with velvety frothed milk. Pair it with spa days and high teas. Infuse your favourite smoothies and desserts with Rosie goodness.

Pro tip: Want to make a cold brew but don’t have an infuser jug? Save the mess and put your tea into the muslin bag from your tea pack! Once you’re done, simply empty the leaves into your garden or compost and handwash the bag.