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  • relaxation tea chamomile Valerianrelaxation tea chamomile Valerian

    A Little Ray Of Sunshine ~ The Tranquil Tea


    You relax in your hammock, letting your thoughts float free. Nothing else matters.

    Pour yourself a hot or iced cup of A Little Ray Of Sunshine, our relaxing blend. Take a moment to close your eyes and inhale deeply. Feel this Little Ray Of Sunshine easing its way through the chaos of your mind.

    Allow the calming energies of chamomile and valerian wrap around your mind, caressing your frazzled nerves. With each sip, feel the lemon myrtle restoring you. Notice your tension fading, worry evaporating, and your spirit growing lighter. Take sanctuary in this stillness, in this perfect delight. Let it guide you to your calm, your centre.

    When you are ready, open your eyes, bringing this Little Ray Of Sunshine with you into the world. Indulge in this new light which glows from within.

  • Bold and Spicy Rooibos ChaiBold and Spicy Rooibos Chai

    Chaiii-Ya ~ Seven-Spiced Stunner


    Morning rays burst in, kick-starting your day. You’re ready for anything.

    Experience a chai you can actually taste! Fireworks of pepper, ginger and cardamom burst from every sip of Chaiii-Ya, delivering bold punches like you’ve never tasted before. The vibrancy of aniseed and ginger awakening your senses and elevating your mood.

    Whether iced on a sultry summer day or steaming on a cool winter night, this caffeine-free chai refreshes and revives like no other. Customise your Chaiii-Ya: brew as a tea on water or create a milky latte, drizzle in honey for a sticky chai, or intensify the flavours with a pinch of salt.

    Your new tea obsession awaits – discover exotic bliss with every sip. Once tasted, forever craved.

  • Serenity And Sleep organic teaSerenity And Sleep organic tea

    Dream Time ~ Sleepy Serenity


    Your head hits the pillow, your day is done. Just unwind, relax and reset.

    Sweet dreams are made of teas! The luxurious Dream Time sleepy tea envelops you in a cocoon of calm with each sip. A bouquet of organic rose, spearmint, chamomile and lavender unite to release their relaxing magic. With each sip of Dream Time, your stress evaporates, muscles unwind and your mind stills as tranquillity infuses your being. Drift into deep, effortless sleep on nature’s softest cloud, undisturbed by restless thoughts. Awake renewed and ready to conquer the day.

    Enjoy your Dream Time hot or iced, an hour before bed.

    Escape the tossing and turning and lose yourself in slumber tonight.

  • spearmint and licorice teaspearmint and licorice tea

    Marvel Us ~ Minty & Memorable


    Sunlight breaks through your afternoon, lifting spirits and hitting the reset button on life.

    An illustrious golden elixir like velvet on the palate, beckoning to be savoured. Marvel Us envelops you with the minty rejuvenation of a sea breeze, carrying whispers of sweet earthy decadence. Marvel Us is your ultimate companion, providing a revitalising surge of natural energy, refreshing iced relief on scorching afternoons, or soothing warm calmness after meals.

    Treat yourself to this sumptuous potion today, bringing an escape, a renewal, a sublime pleasure.

  • lemon myrtle and ginger tealemon myrtle and ginger tea

    Nanna Myrtle ~ Luscious Lemony Love


    Late afternoon rays peer through your window as you curl up with some chillout tunes.

    Nanna Myrtle is not your average herbal tea. With her grandmotherly wisdom, she knows that you need something bold and invigorating. Nanna Myrtle is Australian twist on the classic lemongrass and ginger pairing, embracing you with a warm hug from your mug. With every sip, the dramatic lemon myrtle vibrance and gingery warmth tantalises your taste buds and soothes your senses – an unparalleled sensory delight. Revitalise your mornings, overcome afternoon fatigue, or indulge in a digestive delightful with a hot or iced cup of Nanna Myrtle.

    Elevate your experience with an infusion of freshly grated ginger, a tantalising slice of zesty lemon or a decadent drizzle of honey.

    Don’t settle for anything less than pure elegance and sophistication – choose Nanna Myrtle today!

  • organic tea leaves

    Pretty Fly ~Breathtakingly Blue, Perfectly Purple


    You stretch out beneath a beach umbrella with your friends, laughter filling the warm air.

    There’s never been a tea quite like Pretty Fly! Enrich your world with the most unique and delicious blend, incredible hot or iced. It’s totally Instagrammable – a drop of fresh lemon transforms the vibrant blue hue into a majestic purple, demanding attention wherever it goes. And bursting with invigorating flavours of all organic spearmint, eucalyptus and licorice, this is surely a tea to remember.

    With so many possibilities, it’s not limited to your teacup – mix Pretty Fly into lemonade, cocktails or mocktails to share at picnics and parties. Better still, try your hand at creating the most unique desserts and more with its wow-worthy flavours and colours.

    Bring a hit of magic and flavour into your world today with a cup of Pretty Fly!

  • organic rose and strawberry tearose organic tea

    Rosie ~ Fun, Floral & Fruity


    Giggles dance and teacups clink as you and your friends share a sun-kissed picnic.

    Experience ultimate indulgence with Rosie, our most versatile blend yet. Lose yourself in a Turkish delight-inspired hot treat or refresh your spirits with a cold brew throughout summer. As night falls, snuggle up with a pot and let this mouth-watering bouquet of organic roses and strawberries transport you to a world of luxury. For an even more decadent experience, pair Rosie with high tea for an unforgettable sensory journey. Savour the delicate interplay of floral, sweet, and tart notes that will tantalise your taste buds and revitalise your senses.

    Give yourself the gift of genuine indulgence today – perfect for daily pampering or spoiling loved ones.

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