Pretty Fly ~Breathtakingly Blue, Perfectly Purple


You stretch out beneath a beach umbrella with your friends, laughter filling the warm air.

There’s never been a tea quite like Pretty Fly! Enrich your world with the most unique and delicious blend, incredible hot or iced. It’s totally Instagrammable – a drop of fresh lemon transforms the vibrant blue hue into a majestic purple, demanding attention wherever it goes. And bursting with invigorating flavours of all organic spearmint, eucalyptus and licorice, this is surely a tea to remember.

With so many possibilities, it’s not limited to your teacup – mix Pretty Fly into lemonade, cocktails or mocktails to share at picnics and parties. Better still, try your hand at creating the most unique desserts and more with its wow-worthy flavours and colours.

Bring a hit of magic and flavour into your world today with a cup of Pretty Fly!

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This delicious blend includes all organic eucalyptus leaves, spearmint leaves, blue butterfly pea flowers, licorice root.

Brewing Instructions

All Tea & Gather teas can be brewed hot or cold. Here’s how to make Pretty Fly:

Hot 1-2 tsp per cup 100°C water 5-7 minutes
Cold 7-8 tsp per 1L Tap water 10-12 hours in fridge


Make it your way: Add a drop of lemon or lime to turn your tea from blue to purple. Create magic in the kitchen by adding it to lemonade, cocktails, desserts and more.

Pro tip: Want to make a cold brew but don’t have an infuser jug? Save the mess and put your tea into the muslin bag from your tea pack! Once you’re done, simply empty the leaves into your garden or compost and handwash the bag.