Marvel Us ~ Minty & Memorable


Sunlight breaks through your afternoon, lifting spirits and hitting the reset button on life.

An illustrious golden elixir like velvet on the palate, beckoning to be savoured. Marvel Us envelops you with the minty rejuvenation of a sea breeze, carrying whispers of sweet earthy decadence. Marvel Us is your ultimate companion, providing a revitalising surge of natural energy, refreshing iced relief on scorching afternoons, or soothing warm calmness after meals.

Treat yourself to this sumptuous potion today, bringing an escape, a renewal, a sublime pleasure.

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This delicious blend includes all organic spearmint leaves, licorice root.

Brewing Instructions

All Tea & Gather teas can be brewed hot or cold. Here’s how to make Marvel Us:

Hot 1-2 tsp per cup 100°C water 5-7 minutes
Cold 7-8 tsp per 1L Tap water 10-12 hours in fridge

Make it your way: Marvel Us is perfectly balanced, nothing extra is needed. Reduce the brew time for a subtler flavour, or brew it longer for something more punchy.

Pro tip: Want to make a cold brew but don’t have an infuser jug? Save the mess and put your tea into the muslin bag from your tea pack! Once you’re done, simply empty the leaves into your garden or compost and handwash the bag.